The Art of Rejuvenation for Couples

For over 20 years Maha has been teaching the Art of Rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Spirit internationally. Allow her to share her gifts of Healing with you in a weekend, a personal retreat or while you are vacationing on the beautiful island of Maui. In her extensive travels she has gathered together the finest age reversal practices and would like to share with them with you.

Revitalize with Hui Chun Gong, the once secret ancient formula for youthfulness and longevity created by Taoist monks for the Chinese Emperor to enjoy long lasting vitality, clarity, centeredness and peace of mind. You will feel its immediate health benefits. Doing it with your partner is a very special gift for each other of heart union, establishing common purpose and spiritual unfoldment. (more about Hui Chun Gong)

Refresh with Kirana Kriyas, powerful lymphatic cleansers, to boost your health and strength and prepare you for deeper levels of sharing your energy with your partner.

Regenerate with The Fountain of Youth
- the Ancient Five Rites to balance your chakras and tone your whole body and create new levels of youthful unison with your partner.

Relax and transform with Lomilomi
, the healing massage of the Hawaiian islands that brings you into the flow of life wherever you are. Most of our clients say, "... the best massage ever." (more about Lomi Lomi)


Rediscover your partner with the eyes of the heart through Tibetan Pulsing Bodywork by the healing of old wounds and expanding into greater freedom. This unique type of healing is based on the Tibetan knowledge of the 24 inner bioelectrical circuits to remove blockages, imbalances, trauma in the vital organs and restores the life body, glandular and lymphatic system.

Reframe patterns in your relationship
to enjoy deeper intimacy and happiness. Through skillful communication and letting go of obsolete mindsets you will experience the power of expressing your most honest authenticity and artful creativity. Making peace and forgiving through meaningful rituals, Ho'oponopono, you will be able 'to set things right'.

Renew your vows
and bring greater purpose and sacredness into your union. Respecting the transitions and new phases in each others individual unfolding necessitates nowadays a conscious free commitment to help each other grow and support the highest expression of each other and define new common destiny tasks.

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