TWELVE DAY OHANA RETREATSMaui Imagine landing on Hawaii's No Ka Oi (very best) island of Maui, also known as the Valley Isle, where eight different climate zones blend in a spectacular play of contrast and harmony and the elements dance together like nowhere else on Earth. Here the immense power of the deep blue and turquoise Pacific meets the lush intensity of rich green tropical rainforest, cut through with wild brush strokes of red and black volcanic rock and pearl-white sands. The full moon illuminates the velvety cinder cones of Haleakala's towering 10,000 foot crater and waterfalls cascade down into deep, hidden valleys and magical pools by the azure ocean. The skies offer a never ending magical show of dancing cloud formations over the crater tops and rainbows bridge the dark and sparkling light.

waterfallMaui presents you with a sun and a moon crater, reflecting the balance of yin and yang, the interplay of male and female. Maui is a mother nurturing her children and immersing them in a bath of Aloha. The experience is always transformative even for the seasoned traveler.

Like legendary surfers, Maha and her Ohana team will take special care to go with the flow and drop into the wave of life. She will take you to where the magic of the day calls and awaits you. See and feel yourself wandering through a bamboo forest cathedral, bathing in sunlit fresh water pools, jumping into cascading waterfalls and hiking to ancient Hawaiian temples and hidden villages. Relax in exotic island settings, eating delicious vegan food and fruits grown organically on the island. Enjoy frolicking with the whales and snorkeling amidst colorful reef fish, and experience the connection to the sacred within all lifeforms. A visit to Maui will open your heart, reawaken all your senses and fill you with tremendous gratitude to be alive.

The thread that runs through all of your 'Hawaiian lei days', hosted by Maha, will be the seven principles of the Aloha spirit, and like any very special flower bouquet, the Ohana retreats offer different colors and fragrances. You can choose one of the following for your special retreat:

  • Lomilomi Massage
    lomi lomi massage Enjoy an introduction to the Hawaiian island massage of Lomilomi. A wonderful experience of getting back into the flow and coming home to your self, Lomilomi is a dance of breath and life and harmony. Allow yourself to be pampered 'Aloha-style' and bring back home with you the gift of treating your friends and family to this massage of long flowing strokes together with Hula steps and the rhythm of the islands.
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  • Chinese Emperor's Rejuvenation Practices
    Chinese Emperor's Rejuvenation PracticeEnhance your retreat while learning the Chinese Emperor's Rejuvenation Practices. Especially created for the hormonal and immune system, it becomes a great daily practice for the modern person who wants to achieve maximum health in a minimum of 30 minutes work-out time. It works on all the meridians by 'letting go' rather than by 'doing'. Imagine how it would be to fill yourself to the brim with the the energies of heaven and earth in a tropical garden or the invigorating ocean or stretching next to a giant Banyan tree in the forest or atop a rocky black lava field. Doing the workout at home, you will have the flavor of Hawai'i right there with you! More information
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  • Tibetan Pulsing Healing
    Aloha Workshop We will take time out from our busy lives to undergo profound transformations and integrate them so that when you return home you will be empowered to create changes. Through the Pulsing Healing we erase deep wounds from our nervous system in order to regain vitality, mobility and lightness of being where it was lost due accidents and painful imprints of negative life and past life experiences. The power of the heartbeat, the nurturing pulsing process combined with our own voice creating overtones will open up inner worlds where memories, tensions and stress are stored. Once melted through the cool fire ignited by the process in the nervous system, our overall health will improve and veils of illusion pierced. Love will flow and life be full of magic again.
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If you wish to prolong your stay on Maui or the neighboring islands, a team of helpers is ready to serve you with all the information you need. For more information email Maha Conyers at

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