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Lomilomi:Hawaiian traditional massage technique, considered for generations to be a sacred healing art. Flowing, rhythmic movements improve circulation, help restore health and vitality, align body, mind and spirit.

Tibetan Pulsing Healing: Transformative bodywork to melt trauma and imbalances from nervous system and clear the 24 inner bio-electrical organ circuits for cellular rejuvenation and life force expansion.

Mahana Special is a combination of Eye analysis, Healing Sounds  and the pulsing of relevant organs circuits to induce profound states of relaxation

Healing Sounds:the human voice is used to flush the inner organs with sound waves to raise their vibrational frequency. This sound bath will alleviate pain and clear the organ circuits. It produces most comforting experiences of support, lightness, space and balance..

Shiatsu: this ancient Japanese healing system uses acupressure and stretches to increase flow in the meridians to relieve tension, invigorate and improve energy levels.

Reflexology: this massage of hands and feet is based on ancient oriental energy principles. Acupressure points on the hands and feet are a map which allows connection to the inner organs in the body in order to energize, cleanse and maintain their proper functioning.

Facelift Naturally: Points on the face de-stress the whole body, refine skin texture, reduce wrinkles and improve healthy circulation of the facial muscles.

Reiki: light touch on certain areas of the body provides general deep relaxation & physical & mental regeneration.

Cranio: working lightly energetically on the cranio nerves and rhythms will clear tensions from neck and spine, will rejuvenate profoundly, align posture and balance emotions.

Taoist Self Massage: Learn how to cleanse the aura from static and energy imbalances as well as to stimulate important acupressure points for health and general well being.

To schedule a massage or make an appointment for workout tuition, please call 808 876 0409 or contact Maha by email


Fee Schedule

Lomi Lomi $110 per 1½ hr (couple discount $200) - Outcall $150 per 1½ hr (couple discount $275)
Tibetan Pulsing Healing Initial session including eye diagnosis $135 (about 1½ hrs),
then $90 /1 hr
Vibrational Sound Healing and Eye Reading $75 per hour - Outcall $100
$75/ 1hr - Outcall $100
Reflexology $75/ 1hr - Outcall $100
Cranio-sacral $90 /1 hr - Outcall $110
$75 /1 hr - Outcall $100
Reiki $50 /1 hr - Outcall $75

Chi Machine $ 15 /20 minutes

Taoist Self Massage $60 /1 hr private tuition - Outcall $80
Hui Chung Gong
4 hrs. private tuition $240 (single or couple) plus outcall fees
Fountain of Youth
private tuition of one $80 session (couple discount $120