Tibetan Pulsing Healing

You, Maha, through Pulsing, and your great abilities as a healer, have allowed me to get rid of all the negative feelings I had towards my father as the last few years of his life were quite hard on both of us. Now I have just Love for my father as you were able to deal the my unconscious baggage. The feelings went from animosity and strong dislike to ones of Peace, connection, and Love. You are amazing to me Maha!
Doug, Maine

I continue to have a deep regard for my mother and father because of the healing sessions with you many years ago. I am very thankful to feel immense love and appreciation for the times that I was blessed to have with my parents.
Greg, OR

I had been praying to find a healer to help me with some very old issues. I also had a terrible accident that incapacitated me and made me feel very numb, I often suffer from severe sciatica. During the session I saw my family and angels around me and I was filled with light. I had some strained relationships with my family. I hope you can come to England and teach a course of that wonderful Pulsation work.
Rose, psychotherapist, London, UK

After the session of pulsation I noticed that I was feeling so much calmer and more present in my life and also detached from the problems of family members who used to upset and irritate me greatly, making me nervous and reactive. It feels so good to be at ease in my life and with all the challenges I face in this particular time of my life. Very powerful work, thank you, Maha.
Susan, journalist, Maui

The Tibetan Pulsing Healing created such a safe place that it allowed me to explore my inner worlds. I could relive the innocent times of youth and bring it again into the present time where the grieving was transformed. then there was a process where the physical parts of my body were brought back into the presence. Like a butterfly opening its wings, very gentle and very powerful.
Amir, poet, Oregon

"A rainbow of light flowing through me." I experienced opposites to be a union as the dark and the light were brought together as one. The pulsation alleviated fears and behavior patterns that had been with me all my life shading my relationships with people without my noticing it. I now feel rejuvenated from the inside out and I am able to take this experience out of the session into my life. -
Yoshi engineer, Julian, CA

Within the session I felt so good that it was almost beyond belief. I thought I had not felt better at any time in my life. I felt so present, in the perfect Now. Ii was between worlds, but very present in my body. And it felt very very safe.
Sundari, ayurveda specialist, make up artist, Hollywood

The Tibetan Pulsing is fantastic. It makes me peaceful and deeply connected . Emotional problems are solved at the root. As a couple we are diving deep to the bottom of the ocean connecting our spirits with the universe.
Christina, massage therapist, Maui

I feel so relaxed as if I had two massages in one, I went so deep inside and feel so rested and refreshed now. TPH is the most powerful bodywork I have ever experienced.
Barbara, wedding coordinator at the Four Seasons, Maui

I had a Tibetan Pulsation session with Maha that assisted me in healing some old wounds. I experienced an opening and lifting up of old thought forms and beliefs that came from the depth of my being.
Sonja, Medical Intuitive, Sacred Geometry Teacher

The pulsation work is very powerful and works on a cellular level. I feel transformed.
Morgan, voice instructor and global mystery teacher

During the pulsation I had so many relevant visions that gave the answers to my questions. They arose out of my dream body and after the session I felt reborn!
Julia, Psychic

I always had trouble with certain people and when they visited, I felt irritated and uncomfortable. I just could not forget the pains I had experienced with them many years ago. After the pulsation of the Hara I felt totally freed from any anger or irritation. I felt comfortable in my own strength and could arrange my life with them in a new and relaxed unattached way.
Jennifer, conference coordinator, Maui

Lomilomi Massage

I felt the healing effects of the Lomilomi session throughout the following week. I have never felt so relaxed after a treatment in my whole life.
Elisabeth, massage therapist, craniosacral, Hauschka massage practitioner, Fankfurt, Germany

The amount of energy coming through Maha is amazing. I feel transformed and have not experienced a healing session like this in my life.
Hans, MD, naturopath, Prien am Chiemsee, Germany

After I broke me leg and had an operation, Maha's massages really helped me to get my strength, flexibility and circulation back.
Ivy, senior citizen, Israel

Before I came to Maui, my body was a wreck. Maha gave me my body back.
Nissim, international consultant from Washington

I feel absolutely fantastic. The best massage ever. I am so glad we found you shortly after we arrived on Maui. It set the tone for our honeymoon vacation.
Rick, computer software specialist, London, UK

Maha creates a comforting and nurturing atmosphere that allows her healing energy to come forth. Her work is a synthesis of the many studies she has attended as well as the teachings of her own life's journey. You feel in good hands.
Joy, Esthetician, Maui

Maha always makes me feel good and helped me tremendously with my frozen shoulder. After a few sessions the pain disappeared and I have a normal range of motion again. I highly recommend her.
Stella, Codirector of the Maui Film Festival

Having Maha work on me is like having an angel work on me. She works on many different levels at the same time
Tom, video producer, photographer

Maha has the magical touch. My husband and I we had a lot of bodywork but nobody has ever touched us like her. All our friends vsiting from the mainland feel the same. She worked on me and old scar tissue dissolved.
Becki, therapist, Kapalua


We became friends for life after an unforgettable Hana retreat.
Astrid, Erika and Heide, Hannover, Germany

The last time I remember I was so relaxed was before I was born.
Joel, investment broker, Connecticut

Maha's love of nature and appreciation of beauty made hiking with her an unforgettable Maui experience.
Amir, poet, Ashland

When Maha took me hiking on Haleakala I was empowered by the nature forces and the beauty of Maui penetrated my heart and soul.
Greg, plumbing contractor, Maui

Couple rejuvenation

The pulsing sessions are so magnificent. They work on such a deep level. It is like the Mother works, it takes time. I can feel the shift.
David, biodynamic farmer, Maui

The Tibetan Pulsing is fantastic. It makes me peaceful and deeply connected . Emotional problems are solved at the root. As a couple we are diving deep to the bottom of the ocean connecting our spirits with the universe.
Christina, massage, Maui

Hui Chun Gong

I love to get up very early an go outside and do the Hui Chun Gong on our porch before I do my morning meditations. Each time I do HCG I think I learn something more about how perfectly designed that you taught us really is. Hui Chun Gong has really changed my life.
Penny, realtor, ballet dancer, NY

I have never felt so much Chi in my whole life and I wished I had started with this practice of longevity twenty years ago. I just felt strength and power , but soft and relaxed, however, really intense! - a paradigm shift.
Alan, Musician, photographer, CA

I came here today all tied up in knots. Already after a few minutes of HCG I feel so much better , my body opened up and I feel nourished to the core. Balanced , centered and at ease. Great smile on my face...
Zev, filmmaker, senior citizen, Maui

Thank you for teaching us the HCG. Now I get up in the morning and do the exercises before I go to school and the whole days runs smooth and my stress is reduced . I have so much more energy to deal with the students and colleagues. It truly brought back the joy in my life!
Elisabeth, teacher, Bad Homburg, Germany

Thank you for awakening us to the Art of Rejuvenation It was enlightening, inspiring and chi moving. You certainly gave us food for thought ( always life giving) and an expanded view on the benefits of Chi Gong. I especially appreciated the opportunity to personally experience many of the moves and their effect on our chi. Great too the facial massage exercises. Mahalo for all you do to make our world a better place.
Teri, Ohana Connection facilitator, Maui

Weddings - Massage

After their massages with Maha, I observed with wonder how the couple transformed into two relaxed, peaceful people ready to fully enjoy their ceremony of marriage. Also the pre wedding preparation was most enjoyable!
Kristine, maid of honor, art consultant, Maui

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