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"... in your vision of the world
is the image of yourself ..."


The Maui Center for Tibetan Pulsing Healing offers group seminars and private sessions of transformative energy work based on ancient Tibetan healing modalities used by the Lamas to initiate others into states of enlightenment and universal love. Nowadays the work serves on a wider scale to clear shock states from the nervous system and to transform tension and pain into lightness and freedom from specific conditions of suffering. A wonderful sense of peace, health, vitality, heart union and deep states of meditation will be the fruit of the Tibetan Pulsing Healing.

  • Every inner organ can be tuned to a higher frequency by intoning specific healing sounds. Through overtones we achieve a positive functioning of the inner organs.
  • Looking into the eye, we will learn to see marks that indicate that certain organs are calling to be freed from old wounds.
  • We will observe the Chinese Calender of the inner organs, in order to become aware of how we can be aligned with the the cosmic waves.
  • You will experience the gentle and powerful hands-on Pulsing process to clear old trauma.

Each course will be an initiation into one of the 24 inner organs and the corresponding chakras/energycenters. We will work with altogether seven groups of organs divided by their color: the Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Sparkle Waves.

To participate in the profoundly transformative journey the Tibetan Pulsing Healing offers, it is necessary to either have done the Pulsing work before or to experience an individual session with Maha prior to committing to any of the seven Pulsing Healing Series.

For Couples:
The Pulsing Healing serves as one of the true tantric practices to enhance intimacy and heart union. Private sessions are available for individuals and couples.

For more information on the different waves click on the links below:

red wave blue wave orange wave
green wave purple wave sparkle wave
yellow wave     
Training program:
(Location and time to be announced, depending on the number of participants)
1 or 2 classes of 1½ hours each month to:

  •  tune the organs of the month
  •  learn the points and positions with or with out a partner
  •  get to know the 32 poems of the Tonal (the shock and the bliss states in the specific spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies)
Bring writing material and color pens

Twice a month: 3 hour session workshop

  •  with or without a partner to do the Pulsing process in order to clear the residues of negativity held within the two organs

Two months participation is required for workshops so the basic Pulsing process does not need to be explained each time and the participants can get to know each other

Please bring blanket, water, snack, writing pad, wear comfortable clothes (preferably pants - no jeans). This is a hands and feet-on process so please wear socks.

For time, location and tuition information call Maha at 808 876 0409