Many couples have been in a committed relationship for a number of years before they actually decide to get married. They dream of creating a highly romantic event to mark this new part of their journey together. Perhaps they envision an intimate wedding party, with only a few close friends and family members in attendance. Maui, the Valley Isle, is the most popular island in the Hawaii for destination weddings. It might have something to do with the fact that for the last ten years, Maui was voted the "Best Island in the World" by the readers of CONDE NAST TRAVELER .

Choosing an officiator and accompanying ceremony are integral parts of ensuring your special day is memorable and sacred. The officiator begins the Hawaiian wedding ceremony by offering a chant to invoke special blessings from the divine. This higher power is invited to shower grace upon the couple and their decision to become husband and wife. The forces of nature are given praise and thanks for their blessings. The elements air, water, fire, and earth nourish us and the provide the beauty that we behold.


Often, at a beach wedding, a circle of fragrant flowers has been laid out symbolizing the oneness of all and the circle of life. The gathering words reflect on the special appreciation for this auspicious moment, time and place of this ceremony. Perhaps a short meditation to tune into the sacredness of the moment will follow. The couple and attendees are invited to remember the times love has filled and transformed their lives. All the people participating and witnessing the ceremony support the bonding of two people soon to be joined in holy matrimony.

The minister highlights the personal love story of the couple. Heartfelt and amusing moments, recalling the first time they met, the uniqueness of their relationship, their life shared together, their proposal and decision to marry on Maui as their very special wedding location.

The Hawaiian tradition of wearing and exchanging exquisite fragrant flower leis is often incorporated into the ceremony. The couple and sometimes the guests of the wedding party chose special wedding leis to present to one another. These beautiful leis represent the fragrance, purity and passion of love. The bride often is adorned with a haku lei that sits on her head like a crown.


Friends and family read selected poems to evoke the power of love shared in a relationship and a sanctified marriage. We remember the qualities of love in action. Reflecting on the power of love to transform our lives, the strength a commitment to one another brings and the grace that spiritual forces offer to help the newlyweds weather challenges and difficult times.

The ring exchange is accompanied by personal vows the couple has prepared beforehand. These sacred promises are shared with each other and the witnessing wedding guests.

The kiss is often celebrated by the most auspicious signs: rainbows, whales breaching, rays of light illuminating the couple, sprinkles of rain, dolphins jumping, flowers raining from plumeria trees ….

After The Hawaiian Wedding Prayer is spoken the couple is officially announced man and wife and after the rites, some couples choose to exchange food and wine. This tradition symbolizes the promise to feed each other on all levels - as lovers, friends, partners at all times. Family and friends may offer leis, special wishes for their future and blessings for their union.


A final prayer is spoken. The wish for the couple's union to radiate love, kindness and generosity into all avenues of life and community is offered.

Flowers are showered on the couple as they proceed to the banquet or catered buffet. Songs of aloha fill the air and a beautiful hula symbolizes the beauty, grace and love of this sacred moment.

The magic of a Hawaiian wedding ritual will stay with a couple and linger on like a fragrance from Heaven brought to Earth.


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photography by Lashawn